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The Cyprus Association of Librarians – Information Scientists (CALIS) was founded in 1984 under the name "Cyprus Association of Professional Librarians" (CAPL) and renamed in 2008 to reflect the contemporary environment in Information Science. It is the only valid and scientific association of the Librarians/Archivists/Information scientists in Cyprus (Societal Registration Number: 379).

CALIS is a member of IFLA and EBLIDA.

The Association has long enjoyed close co-operation with our colleagues in Greece.

Membership is currently 200.

Under its statutes the Union’s objectives are:

  • to develop and promote higher standard levels of Library Management, Archives and the Information Science in Cyprus
  • to ensure the profession of librarianship and it’s institutional consolidation.
  • to help raise the prestige of library/archival/information science and the quality level of services offered by information centers
  • to promote the interests of members of the profession
  • to ensure the professional conduct of its members, both as an individual and as a group, to be of a high standard
  • to promote solidarity among colleagues, to encourage mutual aid and mutual support among members, to promote the exchange experiences and mediation to solve disputes between them
  • to develop social relations between members, between the Union, the employers and also the general public
  • to monitor legislation related to libraries and to try to promote new and adequate legislative measures
  • to monitor and coordinate all activities related to books and the professional judgment on matters concerning the organization and operation of the libraries in Cyprus.



The activity of CALIS is very rich and varied.

From the first months of reactivation CALIS creates the first librarian blog in Cyprus with the aim of bringing together librarians/archivists/information scientists, disseminate the aims and position of CALIS and to promote events related to libraries, archives, museums and books.

The Union provides press articles to inform the public for its activities and for any new legislative measures on matters concerning local relevant institutions.

It organizes lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences for members and public, visits in local libraries and relevant institutions around the island etc.

In 2012 the board started collecting books, in order to offer them for charity.

Members have the chance to have annual cards from which they can gain reduction of prices in local bookshops and hotels in Cyprus and other benefits.

The Union is also organizing trips for the members and friends of the Union. The first trip was to Egypt where the members had the chance to visit the Library of Alexandria, the Library of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and the house of the poet Constantine Cavafy. The Union also travelled to Lebanon and visited the libraries of the University of Balamand and the American University of Beirut. In Beirut, members of the Board were invited to meet with colleagues from the Librarians Association of Lebanon to exchange of views and to discuss the prospect of future cooperation.

After continuous and persistent struggle CALIS managed to establish itself in the perception of governmental bodies as the only official Pancyprian body of librarians/archivists/information scientists, to convey its views to decision-making centers on the issues of libraries/archives/information centers.

CALIS was invited to participate in parliamentary sessions and also was invited by Ministers of Education for advice on matters relating to government policy on libraries in Cyprus.

A member of CALIS’ Board has a permanent place on the “Advisory Committee of the Cyprus Library” as a representative of the Union. Also a representative of the board participates in an ad-hoc Committee for Libraries, which was established by the Minister of Education and Culture.

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